Field Monitor

Location:                    Turbat (Kech) , Bolan , Killa Abdullah, Ziarat
No. of positions:       04
Gender:                      Female

Job Description:

1. Timely and effectively monitoring of field activities as per the assigned tasks

2. Accurate, reliable and timely reporting of all assigned indicators

3. Maintaining communication with supervisors and relevant focal persons

4. Conduct regular field visits as per the approved plan, with 90% of time to be spent in the field

5. Follow daily checklists and report findings to the Monitoring and Reporting Officer and Provincial Field Coordinator

6. Gather evidence from the field (with consent, and as and where appropriate) in the form of photographs etc.

7. Share data ONLY with approved focal persons and supervisors. Maintaining personal backups or stealing information will be considered a criminal offense.

8. Maintain honesty and integrity in all reporting activities

9. Find and share key insights from the field

10. Strictly adhere to HR and company policies. Non-compliance at any point will lead to termination.