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Photo: TKF/ Mehnoor Ahmad

We specialize in third-party monitoring, evaluation, research and assessment. We provide these services for clients working in the development and humanitarian sectors owing to our evolution from a not-for-profit organisation to a professional consultant.

This means that where we provide professional customised solutions to our clients, our values are grounded in development best practices which we see as a unique blend and our clients see this as a competitive edge.

Having significant experience (and focus) in development and humanitarian actions around Pakistan that require corporate solutions, combined with a value system that stems from the not-for-profit culture, we are a unique organisation that strives to satisfy its clients through reliable services blended with efficiency.


Our service delivery model aims at cost-effectiveness, reliability and quality while focusing on human rights, gender sensitivity and working green.

We take a relationship-building approach with our clients thereby ensuring that we demonstrate understanding, cooperation spirit and rapid response all at the not-for-profit costs. Our dominant method for achieving this is applying the ACSII technique (Achieving Client Satisfaction Through Intelligent Inquiry) throughout our assignment using which we constantly ask ourselves or our clients the following questions:


  1. Have we understood the assignment clearly; is this exactly what our client needs? (Ensuring this through self-questioning, internal meetings and when needed contact with the client)

  2. What can potentially go wrong and how can we avoid that? (Ensuring this through proactive planning and plugging gaps)

  3. Is our plan working; how can we adapt to a challenge? (Ensuring that we are on a plan yet flexible enough to respond to challenges)

  4. How can we improve? (Continuously challenging ourselves to improve processes aiming efficiency and effectiveness, for instance, technology integration)

  5. Can we pilot this? (Looking for opportunities to pilot test methods or deliverables to ensure compatibility with client needs, in other words, presenting part before the whole thereby ensuring failure aversion)

  6. How can we increase the value of our deliverables for our clients by (organising, simplifying, reducing their effort, inspiring by quality, saving their time, saving their dollars, avoiding any hassles, informing them well and including a sensory appeal)?

Photos: TKF/ Mehnoor Ahmad
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