Organizational Mandate and Strategic Objectives: 

To work for the human rights of the people of Pakistan by


1) Empowering people in deprived communities through sustainable positive development

2) To intervene for the welfare of those in emergency situations


Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation is a non–profit NGO dedicated to ensuring inalienable human rights of all people of Pakistan through empowering of deprived communities through sustainable positive development in all humanitarian situations & circumstances without any religious, gender, social, ethnic or linguistic bias.


Although started in 2004 as an NGO focused solely on Education, the main thematic areas of its interventions have widened to include Health, Livelihood, Food Security, Infrastructure (including WASH & Shelter), Protection and Disaster Response.


Now, TKF strives for an integrated model of development wherein an array of all possible combination of services (such as education, health, infrastructure, WATSAN, etc.) are provided together through a longer-term, need-based focused effort for a sustainable uplift of community. The organization’s interventions are underpinned by a focus on resilience and community self-reliance. The organization believes in intervening based on a human rights-based model, built upon accessibility and community participation.