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Our pride in our work: clippings of TKF in the news and media

TKF's field staff and management work tirelessly to do work that makes an impact. TKF's work focuses on the consistently marginalized communities of Pakistan.

  • We work to deliver primary health services to people who have little access to facilities,

  • We facilitate education to out-of-school children, especially refugees and girls who are in danger of being left behind

  • And we work to generate actionable information for decision-makers through our third-party monitoring work (which improves the effectiveness of humanitarian and development work all over Pakistan).

As such, TKF takes pride when after 11 years of diligent work, we are starting to be acknowledged on the national stage. In this post, we take a second to reflect on the acknowledgements we've received in order to draw inspiration for the work yet to be done.

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